Pencil case reloaded

Andrea Brücken

Sketchnotes combine text and images. Through this the author - as well as the observer - reach a deeper level of understanding. As Sketchnoters do their sketching on the go - e.g. on seminars -, they do love paper. And here of course...Rollgut comes in handy!

Andrea makes a living from her passion

We wanted to know what would be her mind about Rollgut and send her one.

I've packed my current Sketchnote travel set, consisting of a SketchOne and two FineOne from Neuland - one color, one gray for accents and shadows - in the box. Then I tried a MicronPigma Fineliner and two Pitt Artist Pens. Three pins definitely go and that's the Sketchnoters Mini-Set for on the way. A fourth pen has limited space. Contrary to the FineOne, the caps of the Pitt Artist have a clip - with a fourth pen, for example a Fineliner with a different line width, it will then be tight in the rolled material. Goes though.

Andrea Brücken