Rollgut Creator Detail

Frank Roth

Genius, wanted to buy immediately. Great idea and already far refined.

Gesa Drechsler

I find the idea of Rollgut so ingenious: A rollable Notebook with a pen-pocket. I have been watching the project for a long time and I can imagine it sooooper well for knitting instructions.

Rain Noe - Core77

Awesome invention! Rollable, lightweight, portable.

Yu Ando

As an artist and as a person with design education (Bachelor of Environmental Design), believe that Rollgut's idea is the most functional and beautiful I've ever seen. And trust me I mean it.

R.J. Vanderwerf

This is such a cool idea. I like the feel of "real things" replacing all this digital stuff. As someone who works in IT and being an artist I will find so many uses for this.

R Blake

What an awesome idea and project! So glad I found it. Such a wonderful alternative for when carrying a notebook is too big.

Thomas Engst

I just waited for it! I do a lot of field work and my writing utensils have always been loose in the backpack. As simple as the idea is, so brilliant is this thought!

Rollgut is the perfect notepad for explorers and creatives - because it is not a notepad at all and in the same moment much more.

Benjamin Krause

This is (for me as a fan of paper and wood) the Kickstarter-project of all times! Not only "voll gut" but simple ultimate!

Mike Andermann

Rollgut is the coolest thing I have ever seen and in everyday life. My Moleskine lies in the drawer now and is collecting dust.

Christian Mähler

Very interesting and unusual idea - handmade an eye-catcher and certainly something for individualists


I hope this seemingly excellent and different product finds its way to the market eventually

Rolled Rollgut

Compact and Sturdy

Snap closure of Rollgut

Unlock by a Snap

Easy Rollgut

Rollout like a Carpet

Pencilcase Casket of Rollgut

Pick your Pen

Writing and drawing in Rollgut

and Go!

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The Prototype
Form follows Function
Make it roll
Milling and Drilling