Rolled everything by hand

Cleverly Rollgut bundles loose paper and utensils

Rollgut Creator with Features

Your hands shape the world

Don't let reduce yourself to a computer. Use all your senses when drawing, making plans or writing love letters.

Important things remain

Paper has no scheme

Ideas tile free

It works everywhere

Secrets remain secret

Paper relaxes

Stay in Contact

Every single one of your fingers forms an interface between your internal and the outside world. Haptic, sensual experiences support your perception and help with learning and processing.

Spontaneously adjusting a note or drawing on your colleague’s laptop in the middle of a meeting? Happens rarely but a few pages of paper on the table joins teams playfully to a whole!

Compact and Save
Magnetic Casket
Integrated Clipboard

Made in Berlin

In order to stand behind our product, we place great value on obtaining materials from sustainable sources and making production responsibly towards human and the environment.

That is why we produce Rollgut here in Berlin and our surrounding area.

Thus, we keep short transport distances and know exactly who is behind and what is in our product.

Bald auf Kickstarter

Um Rollgut für jeden erschwinglich zu machen, wollen wir Rollgut in Kleinserie produzieren - mit optimierten Werkzeugen und Spezialmaschinen.
Die Investitionen wollen wir mit einem Vorverkauf auf Kickstarter ermöglichen. Sobald die Kampagne finanziert ist, produzieren und liefern wir die ersten Rollgüter aus.Gerne sagen wir dir Bescheid, sobald es los geht! Hinterlege einfach deine Email-Adresse unten links.

Rollgut is the coolest thing I have ever seen and in everyday life. My Moleskine lies in the drawer now and is collecting dust.

Mike Andermann

Very interesting and unusual idea - handmade an eye-catcher and certainly something for individualists

Christian Mähler

A great idea and finally a solution for the everlasting Paperstuff!

Wissensstadt Salzburg

Innovative sketchpad for home and especially on the road!

Maximus Prime

The most slanted products of the inventors' fair

Bernd Rippert

I just waited for it! I do a lot of field work and my writing utensils have always been loose in the backpack. As simple as the idea is, so brilliant is this thought!

Thomas Engst

Rollgut is a notebook of the very special kind. Actually, it is not a notebook, because of its flexible format it is more of a complete sketchpad.

Sebastian Klammer

Genius, wanted to buy immediately. Great idea and already far refined.

Frank Roth


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