Big Review by Yu Ando


You never know, what quality covers behind the pretty pictures of a Kickstarter-campaign.

Yu Ando was one of our first Backers. We've send him a prototype, so that he can personally inspect the refinement of Rollgut. He took it very precisely and he tested every Detail! Thanks Yu Ando! This helps us and our Backers!

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Ooops. No japanese skills?

Rollgut experience drawing in the bus on knee. Yu Ando commented: "No solid used while drawing this...

... just 20 sheets 110 GSM paper...

... and a pen with soft tip."

Rollgut experience while standing. Yu Ando commented: "This one was done on four 110 GSM ...

... and six probably 80 GSM paper ...

.. No stable surface."

Later, Yu Ando also tested the mobile abilities of the Wrap and send us some photos.

Nachtrag 19. September 2017

Yu Ando hat einen weiteren Artikel verfasst mit Fokus auf die möglichkeiten, im stehen mit Rollgut zu arbeiten.

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