The coolest thing I ever had on the way

Mike Andermann with Rollgut

The coolest thing I ever had for everyday life. My Moleskine lies in the drawer now and is collecting dust.

Mike Andermann

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This is for me - as a fan of paper and wood- the Kickstarter-project of all times!

Benjamin Krause

This is a genius of a project and I hope it comes to fruition!

Diana Fierke

The product is such a piece or genius ingenuity and we are definitely looking forward to watch it on track.


The idea of Rollgut alone, made me change all my notes to A5 format.

Georg Wild

There is nothing like pencil and paper, your artistry in this product was second to none.

Jeffrey B George

I hope this seemingly excellent and different product finds its way to the market.


What an awesome idea and project! So glad I found it.

R Blake

The Kickstarter was not an hour online, as I had already supported Rollgut.


I have been watching the project for a long time and I can imagine it sooooper well for knitting instructions.

Gesa Drechsler