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This is such a cool idea. I like the feel of "real things" replacing all this digital stuff.

R.J. Vanderwerf


I just waited for it! I do a lot of field work and my writing utensils have always been loose in the backpack.

Thomas Engst

Rollgut on Crowdwatch
Connect the inner small theater with the external real world

大晴 Daqing

Mike Andermann with Rollgut

The coolest thing I ever had for everyday life. My Moleskine lies in the drawer now and is collecting dust.

Mike Andermann

Sebastion Klammer von coffeebreak-blog.de
The perfect notepad for explorers and creatives - because it is not a notepad at all and in the same moment much more.

Sebastian Klammer

Genius, wanted to buy immediately. Great idea and already far refined.

Frank Roth

Rollgut im Notizbuchblog
Very interesting and unusual idea - handmade an eye-catcher and certainly something for individualists.

Christian Mähler