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Designed to be a tool

- Enjoy your Rollgut for many, many years -

Text: Simplicity rocks

But the haptic nature of simple stuff is unbeatable in some cases.

Rollgut made in Berlin

Wood, Fabric, Steel

- Made without plastic parts, animal products nor gadgets -

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Making it roll
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We make it roll, You make it yours!

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Heard and read

The Pen Addict Logo
This is the kind of unique stuff i like to see on Kickstarter.

Myke Hurley & Brad Dowdy

Patrick Peeren von
Rollgut is an ingenious idea and completely turns the world of classic notebooks or portfolios upside down.

Patrick Peeren

Rollgut im Notizbuchblog
Very interesting and unusual idea - handmade an eye-catcher and certainly something for individualists.

Christian Mähler

Yu Ando
It's the most functional and beautiful I've ever seen. And trust me I mean it.

Yu Ando

I’m very impressed with the quality of materials, the craftsmanship, and the look and feel so if this suits your needs.

Brian Greene

Sebastion Klammer von
The perfect notepad for explorers and creatives - because it is not a notepad at all and in the same moment much more.

Sebastian Klammer

Core 77 Logo
Giving the Scroll a Second Chance. Awesome invention! Rollable, lightweight, portable.

Rain Noe

Rollgut on Crowdwatch
Connect the inner small theater with the external real world

大晴 Daqing