Pen & Paper for the digital age

  • Designed for mobility
  • Quickest access due to the integration of pen & paper into the slim cylinder
  • The paperclamp enables better (re-)organization than usual notebooks
  • Aggregates more than just pen & paper:
    • Paperclamp: paper, money, tickets, bills
    • Magnetic casket: pens, eraser, safety pin, needle with yarn

Eco friendly production

  • Manufactured completely in North Rhine-Westfalia, germany
  • The vast majority of materials comes from german suppliers

Eco friendly application

  • Especially suitable for scrap paper. Only the (ink in your) pen requires maintenance
  • 5-10 years life expectation on daily use

Product customizations

We make it Roll, You make it yours.

The in house production increases the price due to higher loans. On the other hand it enables us to conscider almost any imaginable customization! We're working on our processes and online shop for more and more individual Rollgut's to be designed by the customer.

Price and Fulfillment

  • 118€ - 154€, price varies by wood
  • Worldwide shipment is intended, customers can request support for their country


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